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Sunday Adventure Club in March: films made by women

Sunday Adventure Club in March: films made by women

10 March 2019

Sita Sings the Blues

directed by Nina Paley, 2008, USA, 82 minutes

“There are no guaranteed ways for artists to support themselves solely from their art. Free Culture isn’t a magic solution for making money, but it’s a lot better than imposing artificial scarcity via copyright monopolies. It is a much more competitive way to release cultural works, because it taps into the energy of the audience, rather than fighting against it, which is what proprietary models do. Freeing works removes one obstacle to their success, but works need more than just freedom to succeed.”

—Nina Paley

*(If you missed it, watch for a second screening, it may return, next time on our new HD system!)

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17 March 2019

Crossing Delancey

directed by Joan Micklin Silver, 1988, USA, 97 minutes

“I tried very hard to get work; I could get work as a writer but not as a director. At that point in time, women directors just didn’t get jobs. I remember going to see one producer from one of the studios, and he said to me, ‘Feature films are expensive to make and expensive to market and women directors are one more problem we don’t need.’”

—Joan Micklin Silver

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24 March 2019

Dance, Girl, Dance

directed by Dorothy Arzner, 1940, USA, 90 minutes

“The great part of the motion-picture audience is feminine. Box-office appeal is thought of largely in terms of the women lined up at the ticket window. If there are no women directors there ought to be. If one was going to be in the movie business, one should be a director. Sometimes I think that pride is the greatest obstacle to success. A silly false pride that keeps people from being willing to learn, from starting at the bottom, no matter how far down it may be, and learning every step of the way up. When I went to work in a studio, I took my pride, made a nice little ball of it and threw it right out the window.”

—Dorothy Arzner

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31 March 2019

Italian for Beginners

directed by Lone Scherfig, 2000, Denmark, Sweden, 118 minutes

“My film [Italian for Beginners] is about people deciding that they have the possibility of becoming very happy and taking that chance. So it's the anatomy of a happy ending, you could say” 

—Lone Scherfig

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Heirloom, yet fresh, popcorn will be served. Grown in South Hero, VT by Allen Wilder, Pop Hero Popcorn

free and open to the public